Why You Need A Website For Your Business

By Matthew Barnes on November 24, 2019

This is one of the greatest and most engaging conversations I'm having with some business owners. "Well business is great and we are still busy, so why would I need a website?"

It's those kinds of statements that make me feel almost sorry for the person, and not only them but for their employees who depend upon the company for a living wage.

In this day-and-age, it's very much a non-negotiable aspect of running a successful company.

Non-negotiable in the sense that, everyone depends on the Internet for information in one form or another.

Think about how you shop for the products and services that you are most interested in.

If you are like me, you'll pull up your browser on your smartphone to check any positive or negative reviews on the item you're interested in.

For example, before I was about to spend $479 on my Akai MPK249, I had to do a review search.

Akai is a reputable brand, with a proven track record of making world-class products for musicians, so I knew I didn't have anything to worry about in terms of quality and reliability.

But I still had to double-check so I was certain this product would be a great fit for my needs.

I looked at reviews, I watched videos of other artists using the product, and more than anything, I read blog posts from Akai, and from other websites.

So as a result, I made the purchase and couldn't be more pleased.

As a matter of fact, this is the second Akai product I own, and it won't certainly be the last.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, people are searching for products like yours every day.

Local plumbers, doctor, a software company, construction & maintenance services are just a drop in the bucket of industries are in demand.

Quality Content Is Still King

why you need a website for your business

The point that I'm trying to drive home, is that whatever industry you are in, it's the content that drives sales to your business.

A website allows and invites new and existing customers to get to know you.

They want to see what's new, and what your future plans are.

Are you active in your local community, or is your company championing a cause that's important?

Creating quality content is known in the digital world as On-Page SEO.

Did you know?

  • There are over 750k searches per second on Google.
  • Some 67% of all clicks are attributed to the first five organic results on page 1
  • 58% of all searches are on mobile phones
  • 46% of all Google searches are for local companies
  • 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct “near me” searches.
  • 56% of companies have said they plan to increase their content marketing budget

The above-mentioned states are a direct result of creating content.

And again, not just any old run of the mill type stuff, but quality content.

You've heard me repeat the term quality content a number of times already.

What I'm getting at specifically, is highly-targeted content, directed at solving your customer's pain points.

For example, you might have a physical product like we do, with our premium mousepads.

I've created this product to address a couple of pain-points.

The first is comfort, and the second is durability.

How did we do that?

Simple, we've made these mousepads thicker, and water-resistant.

As you can imagine, a thicker mouse pad is going to lead to better ergonomics.

With water-resistant properties, you can keep our mousepad clean for a much longer period than you would versus those regular cheap dollar store varieties.

Over on the main site, we created an article addressing the need to be comfortable while at your computer, and how it contributes to more productive working or gaming experiences.

You'll also save money in the long run with how easy it is to clean because of the spill-resistant materials used.

This is just one way you can use content to bring more attention to your products and services.

It's timely, relevant, and it solves a problem.

50% Of Small Businesses Don't Have Websites

It's a hard figure to wrap your mind around, but sadly it's true.

Your top competitor probably knows this information, and that's why they are spending the time and money in developing a proper digital marketing strategy for their websites.

There's an old saying that's a bit cliche but is so very relevant to this topic.

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

You see, some entrepreneurs think it's difficult to create a website or that, they don't have the time for such an undertaking.

If you are a DIY guy like me, then these excuses aren't a factor, you just get it done.

The reality is that you don't have to do it all on your own.

There are services available to help you achieve the success you deserve.

We've spent time crafting our digital marketing services to help companies thrive in today's environment.

From web design to digital marketing we understand what it takes to make a statement on the web.

We've been doing it since 2013.

I've been taking apart computers since 2009, and I've made my fair share of disasters along the way.

But that's a subject for another time.

Whether it's the lack of education or the idea of high-costs, many entrepreneurs are missing out on the tremendous business opportunity that owning a website affords.

It's not easy, creating, and maintaining a website takes work. SEO is a constant thing, it never stays the same.

It's not a set it and forget it type deal.

The vast majority, let's say 90% of small businesses saying they don't need a website would change their minds if they would open their eyes up to the current trends.

Not only is everything going digital, but it's also going mobile, and voice search is becoming more popular.

If you are in need of a professional, please reach out to us, we can help.

There's coming a time when those who refuse to get online with their businesses will become a thing of the past.

Failure to adapt to change is an almost certain way to kill your company.

Article written by Matthew Barnes

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